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Creative Psychotherapy for Creative People

Keep a creative person cornered or caged, and he or she is bound to go crazy.

Skills that make you successful professionally can be used to improve your life.    

Edgy people don’t have to be totally suck in bad relationships!

You can be productive, and also be happy (sometimes).

The gift usually comes with some angst. 

And deep down, I know that you really don’t want a cure. 

You don’t really want to lose your edge...or cut back on all the stimulating activities in your life. 

But you can have a more balanced life, continued creative success, and a healthy personal relationship! Therapy can give you tools. You have to do the work.  Start with the "LIberate Your Gifted Self" guidebook.

You can free yourself from feeling trapped, manage your stress, and improve your relationship.  You can be a highly successful creative person, and learn to manage your anxiety, depression, and relationship issues.  

If you are unhappy in a relationship, it is often because you feel caged or cornered.  And then you feel inauthentic.  And then you "lose it."

If you actually do the work and take your time with the help you uncover the unconscious process that is causing you to feel trapped.  I offer creative tools to bring balance and a sense of well-being and happiness to your primary relationships and your life.  I can show you how to take the focus off of your partner, and develop creative ways to manage your own mind and become more authentic, nurturing and supportive to yourself.

If you are a “creative person” the usual psychological approaches may not work for you. But you have innate traits/gifts that you could use to vastly improve your personal life.  

Do any of these points ring a bell?

•    You cannot stand to feel like you are being pigeonholed or backed into a corner.

•    You have a way of looking at the world that lends itself to finding your own way, rather than someone else’s  “pat” formula.  

•    You have a natural resistance to being told what to do.  (Sometimes you can’t even tell yourself to do something that you know you want to do.)

•    You need a certain amount and a certain kind of space, physically and emotionally.

•    You tend to hold on to the idea that you need to suffer or be unhappy in order to be fully creative.

•    You drink, eat, use sex or money to distract yourself or bury feelings.

•    You are often overworked and overwhelmed.

•    You obsess, ruminate, ponder, mull over, repeat, review and obsess.

•    You get away with bad behavior.

•    You either think you are totally hot...or a piece of shit, depending on which way the wind blows.

•    You have secrets.

•    You think if you want it done right, you will have to do it yourself.

•    You believe everyone is either out to get you or wants something from you.

•    You are gifted but think you are arrogant if you admit it.

•    You come from an amazingly accomplished family - where you are expected to live up to the family name…  or one where everyone is supposed to stay hidden well below the radar.  You have not been able to do either.

•    You can argue non-stop with another person for over fifteen minutes.

•    You think coffee and cigarettes are your best friends.

•    You know that your partner is not “doing it” right.

The Guidebook offers a proven process base on your personal goals, to:

1.  Understand how you trap yourself because of early childhood.

2.  Realize what “triggers” to you now to behave in limiting, unhealthy ways.

3.  Install healthy new liberating behavior to manage your craziness.