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"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. 
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.  It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.  We ask ourselves who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous? 
Actually, who are you not to be?"               
    - Marianne Williamson

The road to good mental health and the free expression of your natural best begins with a clear view of yourself as you began in this world.

As a child, you had certain traits, temperament, personality style, likes and dislikes. There were people, places and things that attracted you... energized you. While you were drawn to some, you were disinterested or perhaps even repelled by others. The way that the world affects each of us is different. We respond differently.

Right from the start, you were naturally "turned on" in ways that the next child may not have been.

The "fire" in one child may get started by playing alone — building a castle in one corner of the sandbox — while another child may get excited by chasing the others and climbing to the top of the monkey bars.

When you take a look at that child you were, you begin to rebuild, repair and nourish your internal relationship with yourself. This is important because — whether you realize it or not — that childlike part of you lives inside of you all the time, and influences what you think, feel and do. This part of your psyche has been called a lot of things, from your "inner child" to your "soul." But regardless of what you call it — in order to really get to know yourself you have to begin with a clear image of your authentic, real self.

Who is that real little you?

Who were you before your parents, family, teachers, community, or religion had a strong influence on you?  Who and what were you like, by nature? What is your authentic, biological, inborn self?

True success and emotional well-being comes from a life that is fueled by an uninhibited expression of what is innate and special about you. You’ll be happy and prosperous only by being your real and wonderful self.

So any problems or unhappiness that you’re having may be the result of an internal battle between your authentic self (trying to express your light) and some part of your mind/body that is like a character in your head (forbidding you to succeed).

Whether you are feeling burned out or stressed by your work... suffer from anxiety, depression, obsessive/compulsive behavior, addictions, physical complaints or just want more out of life -- there is a way to break free from the mysterious limitations that hold you back, so that you can claim all of the riches of life you were meant to enjoy. 

Once you identify and embrace what is special about you, and liberate yourself from the unconscious forces that keep you from flourishing into the unique, happy, and content person you were meant to be... everything will fall into place.  And to really be a winner, you have to be able to joyfully stand out in the crowd...without your outdated fears and inhibitions.

Most of us were taught that it is not really “nice” to be “better” than anyone else. We’re given confusing, mixed messages -- to excel, but not to flaunt our gifts. While we’re openly cherished for our accomplishments, we can also be punished by others who secretly idolize, take advantage of, resent, or avoid us because they feel intimidated.

SelfMentoring will show you how to become more comfortable in your own skin, by overcoming all of the restrictive messages that trigger fear in you and stop you from being the center of attention -- and therefore, stop you from being as happy and successful as you want to be.

By learning Self-Mentoring -- you will discover all of the previously unknown, complex love/hate contradictions -- both within yourself and from the outside world -- that must be conquered in order to shine.

Working on this program, at your own pace in a SelfMentoring Workshop (and follow up workshops if you wish), will bring out the best in you.

        "As we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people
        permission to do the same.  As we liberate from our own fear,
        our presence automatically liberates others."


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