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Liberate Your Gifted Self

Release your natural joyful nature!

We are happiest and healthiest when we find a way to be our real, authentic selves. 

          If you want to better manage your depression, anxiety, work stress, addictions or relationship issues...
but you have limited time or money

guidebook may be for you.

You can learn to manage the pain in your life. You can make better, more clear and healthy choices about school, career and relationships.

You just have to take an honest look at your formative years, and understand how you automatically regress NOW to outdated and unhealthy fight/flight/freeze responses that only make matters worse.  

As a child, your brain learns to warn you of danger, and the perceived threat is different for each of us. 

              If for example, a girl’s needs were ignored by her parents, she may not express her true thoughts and feelings as an adult. 

Her brain tells her that it is dangerous to be "needy."

As a grown woman she may go along with what others want in order to avoid feeling abandoned or punished. 

Instead of realizing that she is repressing her authentic self…she might feel depressed or anxious, have relationship issues, or even develop an addiction.

These are SYMPTOMS of deeper defenses originating from an overactive fight/flight/freeze response.   

Instead of wasting time and money treating symptoms, you can efficiently learn to stop automatically regressing… and face your menacing internal critical voice.  

And understanding the basics of this does not have to take forever!

LEARN Self-Mentoring
Free Yourself From The Past
And Find Authentic Joy

A proven, easy way to learn a lot in a little time...
with active, tangible steps.

Learn real, proven, self-help tools to aid you in freeing yourself from
anxiety, depression, relationship issues, addictions or other stress.
Help you to make healthy choices.
You deserve a successful, joyful & authentic life...
And you can learn to find and confront the negative hidden inner “Menace” inside of yourself that is holding you you can replace IT with an internal, nurturing Self-Mentor.

Here is a quick and affordable way to
WORK ON YOUR OWN and experience real growth!


Self-Mentoring is a step-by-step, user-friendly, practical process
(with written forms found in the 170-page
guidebook) divided into four-parts. 

You learn to work on your own to re-wire your psyche by identifying and controlling the negative, "menacing" voice inside of you...

...and replacing IT with a strong, "mentor" to continually support yourself in a natural, positive way.

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To Learn More About the Book

Or visit and search:
            Howard Wallman
    "Liberate Your Gifted Self"

Give up unnecessary old responses
 to be fully present in your life.

We all need an internal boost to get us to where we want to go!
You just have to overcome the hidden psychological blocks that are holding you back and preventing you from knowing what is right for your real self.

Learn a dynamic, educational, FUN process.
Gain an understanding of what is going on in your unconscious, so you can master and manage your own psyche.

The Guidebook reviews the basics of Self-Mentoring.
You can work at your own pace to do the steps...

•  Learn how to "do the work" on your own, and become your own mentor.
•  Unveil what is innate, special and unique about you.
•  Find out what happened to you that inhibited your authentic self.
•  See and know how your Psyche is now formed.
•  Reveal the "characters" in your head, and the ways you defeat yourself.
•  Learn what needlessly triggers you into the fight/freeze/flight response.
•  Reveal old defenses and learn how to undo your out-dated reactions.
•  Overcome symptoms and focus on healthier ways.
•  Install new responses and mindful coping skills.